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The relocated and their families have all the support and assistance that will help them in the process of adapting and integrating to culture and lifestyle quickly in the new city.


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Reception service, transfer and presentation of the city to identify the most convenient place where the relocate will reside, advising on getting around the neighborhood and commuting to work, as well as showing the main points of interest in the immediate vicinity, such as: schools, pharmacies, stores , restaurants, markets, pet shops, among others.


Home search service for relocated residence as needed, purchase or lease, for short or long term; visit to properties, support in negotiation, analysis of contracts, procedures, documentation, condominium, water, gas, electricity, internet.


Search for the ideal school for children of all ages and backgrounds, according to the needs of each relocated, assistance with enrollment and school transport procedures. Integration of the conjugate to the city lifestyle and daily routines.


Assistance in hiring professionals for home maintenance services, such as: painting, electricity, interior design, gardener, swimming pool, architects, among others. Assistance in interviewing domestic professionals.


Assistance in services of personal organization, hairdresser, courses, car rental, yachts, tours, restaurant, laundry, pet shop, furniture purchase, gym, among others, according to the needs of the relocated and their families.


24-hour personal assistance, as needed by the relocated in executive activities.


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