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Be part of
something bigger

Building strategic partnerships is part of URMIB's ambition to build the future in an inclusive way. By partnering with global and local organizations that share the same values, URMIB is committed to accelerating innovation and agile growth in the luxury industry worldwide. Inspired by creativity and innovation, our partnership model is based on meticulous control of all links in the value chain, always challenging ourselves and striving for excellence.

Your chance
to make an impact

When your brand becomes a URMIB partner, it benefits from a wide range of services and benefits that have been the key to our success in the real estate sector for years. Everyone benefits from a vertical integration system, in order to offer high quality products and services, a true boutique dedicated to an exclusive group of people who share a passion for lifestyle, culture and the arts. We bring together deep knowledge and relationships, high-level operational skills and global experience.

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