The Essence
of Style

The distinctive URM International Brokerage style embodies a harmonious combination of different inspirations to form a sophisticated atmosphere. The essence of the style is real luxury, traditional, exclusive, sophisticated, which is really desirable.

Your Luxury Real Estate Project with

URM International Brokerage Signature

We coordinate and sign exclusive luxury real estate projects.

We have established strong ties with a network of the best professionals around the world who are dedicated to innovation and quality.


Living with Elegance & Exclusive Services

World-class luxury bespoke services, with exquisite attention to every detail, anticipating every need and desire to ensure the personal comfort of a peaceful life.

The essence behind this concept is to design exceptional buildings, impeccably focused on the smallest details, where luxury, design and exquisite lifestyle are perfectly integrated into the feeling of exclusivity.

Ualson Martins

Founder & CEO