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The Essence
of Style

Distinguished by its discreet character, impeccable design and refined elegance, the distinguished URMIB style incorporates a harmonious combination of different inspirations to form a sophisticated atmosphere. The essence of style is real luxury, traditional, exclusive, sophisticated, which is really desirable.

Your Luxury Real Estate Project with

URM International Brokerage Signature

We coordinate and sign exclusive luxury real estate projects.

Signature reflects the pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort that embody the URMIB signature style and aesthetic.


At Your Service

Offering the same warm welcome and level of excellence to its elegant clients, URMIB is a name synonymous with a tradition of excellence in bespoke luxury services. Personalized standard of care, unwavering devotion and exquisite attention to every detail, anticipating every need and desire to ensure the personal comfort of a peaceful life 24/7.

The essence behind this concept is to design exceptional buildings - World Class - impeccably focused on the smallest details, where luxury, design and refined lifestyle are integrated with the feeling of exclusivity.

Ualson Martins

Founder & CEO

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