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The essence
of style

Your luxury real estate project with URMIB signature. The essence behind this concept is to design exceptional buildings - World-Class - impeccably focused on the smallest details, where luxury, design and refined lifestyle are integrated with the feeling of exclusivity. Distinguished by its understated character, impeccable design and refined elegance, the URMIB style embodies a harmonious combination of different inspirations to form a sophisticated atmosphere. The essence of the style is real, traditional, exclusive luxury, which is really desirable. Signature reflects the pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort that embody the URMIB signature style and aesthetic.


Distinctively crafted and detailed to the highest levels of quality through partnerships with internationally renowned architects and designers, each residence is designed for discerning homeowners, combining modern comforts with exquisitely designed interiors that balance contemporary sophistication, originality and exuberance to create a attractive and exquisite lifestyle.

An elemental mix of modernism, luxury and personalized touch. Ultra-luxury brands, beautiful facilities and contemporary style offer a luxurious lifestyle for discerning residents.

An exceptional

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, complete services and exclusive privileges. As a private home owner, you are welcome to an exclusive lifestyle of untold privileges. You are not just buying a property, but an unparalleled lifestyle. In addition to meticulous hospitality and exceptional privileges, homeowners enjoy an array of residential amenities designed for an effortlessly turnkey property. Privileges that money cannot buy.

Intuitive and specially curated service

Enjoy unparalleled attention to detail, exclusive privileges and world-class service 24 hours a day in five-star luxury residences. Meeting the requirements of discerning owners with exceptional, intuitive service at any time of the day, this five-star service is personalized and attentive, provided by a dedicated management team, ensuring uninterrupted service of a high standard. From butler service welcoming residents, housekeeping, private transportation scheduling, pre-arrival grocery service, to purchasing your favorite appliances and luggage management - every little detail is taken care of, before you even need to ask.

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