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Exclusivity and Excellence

Nampur represents access to the quality life you've dreamed of, materialized through high-end properties, experiences and services, impeccably curated architecture in the most iconic locations in the South of Bahia.

Villas & Residences

Unusual projects emerge alongside the best architects and landscapers, respecting the shapes and colors of local nature, which inspire an authentic lifestyle. Each Nampur property is carefully selected to ensure that it is unique, special and always honoring nature. An abundant celebration of space, happiness and endless views, through designs that eloquently highlight the South of Bahia, its culture, gastronomy and geography. Residences and villas available for purchase, blank pages for the next chapters of your quality life in blue.

Southern Bahia

The inexplicable energy that emerges from the land, the cuisine, the culture and the warmth of the locals make you feel at home. A complete immersion in a unique and captivating lifestyle, integrated with different natural beauties. Millenary cliffs and archipelagos of "atolls" (small sandy islands in the ocean) are surrounded by turtles, fish, corals and dozens of other species immersed in marine life.

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