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Welcome to a world with signature of elegance and exclusivity, of boutique properties, bespoke and incomparable, of luxury life without limits, in one of the most exclusive private real estate clubs in the world.


Over 25 years dedicated to high-quality real estate

​For more than two decades, acting as a private club, we specialize in high quality properties, with skill and attention, using the best sales tools available, connecting people and properties around the world.

Our vision transcends all possibilities

Led by its founder Ualson Martins, with cutting-edge innovations and an unmatched customer database, URM International Brokerage adds prestige to all projects.


A Credibility Signature

Ualson Martins


​Ualson Martins is a real estate executive with over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and branding. By consistently offering a high standard of service, Ualson has become one of the leaders in Brazil's real estate industry with a presence in world-class properties. With deep experience and a broad knowledge base, Ualson is a contributor to the global notable property sales force with the ability to attract qualified buyers from around the world.